Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong Tea from Eco-Cha

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong Tea

Where to Buy: Eco-Cha

Tea Description:

Flavor – Fruity, fragrant herbal tones. Full, balanced, fresh floral/green/fruity flavor. Lingering, aromatic finish. This Da Yu Ling Oolong ranks definitively within the category of Taiwan’s finest High Mountain Oolong.

Garden: This farm is in Taiwan’s prime tea growing region. In this region, the location of the farm is indicated by the kilometer marking on the cross-central highway. This farm is around the 100k marker, which indicates some of the most pristine tea real estate on the island.

The highest elevation tea growing regions are where the epitome of this type of tea is produced.The ideal climate conditions offered by this elevation range combined with the methods of tea cultivation that have been developed are considered to be the main factors that have gained this category of tea its fame.

The place names of Li Shan and Da Yu Ling are unsurpassed for prime Taiwan High Mountain Oolong, and we feel privileged to be able to share this tea, which has become recognised as some of the best in the world.

This most exclusive High Mountain Oolong produced in Taiwan is renowned for its fragrant aroma and lingering aftertaste.  Its unique character is comprised of a freshness and complexity of fragrance and a substantial flavor have captivated tea lovers around the globe.  

The subtleties of aroma are derived from newly grown leaves of the Green Heart Oolong (清心烏龍) cultivar grown at an elevation that provides optimal climate conditions for this plant. The slower growth at high elevation provides substance to the tender new growth which in turn gives premium Taiwan High Mountain tea its claim to fame.  It is in a class of its own due  its smooth, clean – yet complex flavor followed by a heady lingering aftertaste. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’m not surprised that Eco-Cha’s Da Ya Ling High Mountain Oolong is currently sold out – but that doesn’t mean that I’m NOT going to blog about it!

The aroma is wonderfully refreshing.  The color is a pale yellow-brown once infused.  Everything about this tea screams “hydration”.  It’s juicy but NOT in a fruity way – in a hydrating way – as if you were in a desert and craving pure liquid in its true form.  This tea seems to fit that bill.  It’s smooth, clean, pure.  It has a subtle lingering aftertaste that makes you want more!  Evenotho it’s not really juicy in a fruity way – that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t have it’s fruitier notes and hints – it does!  I can’t quite put my finger on WHAT TYPE of fruit tho.  Maybe it’s something citrus – but not overly-so.   It’s also a ‘greener’ oolong, too, which I am really enjoying!    This is great for multiple infusions, as well.  This tea is completely delicious – and – not to rub it in…it’s SOLD OUT…but perhaps Eco-Cha will be getting a similar crop and do one for the next season.  Us tea lovers can only pray!


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