Christmas Fruitcake Iced Black Tea from Southern Boy Teas

Christmas-FruitcakeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zoomdweebies

Tea Description:

What’s Christmas without fruitcake? Not some brick of processed dried up yuck and colored cherries, but real, moist, sweet cake with cherries, oranges, cranberries, and pineapple–that’s the kind of Christmas fruitcake we tried to recreate here. And we did it, like always, with just premium organic Iyerpadi black tea and organic flavors. Enjoy!

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Taster’s Review:

OK, confession time:  I actually like fruitcake.  I’m probably one of the only people on earth that does like it.  I don’t like all fruitcake, but if I happen to find a bakery that does fruitcake right – something that’s been baked in-house with good quality ingredients and that’s been doused with brandy … yeah, that stuff, I’d eat happily.  That, to me, is the best way to ingest brandy.

So I was happy when Southern Boy Teas announced this Christmas Fruitcake Iced Black Tea as a flavor for the week of December 29th!

I don’t taste brandy flavoring here, so I don’t know that it was actually utilized in this flavor.  But that’s OK, because this is really tasty just the way it is.

I’m really liking the flavors here.  Of the fruit flavors, I think I taste the orange most.  I taste orange throughout the sip and into the aftertaste.  I get a nice little sweet and tart citrus note in the aftertaste.  I taste notes of pineapple and cranberry and cherry, and I appreciate that these flavors are nicely balanced.  I’m not getting an overwhelming, cough syrupy cherry note which is good.

The cake notes are softer than the fruit notes, but they’re definitely there.  I get a sweet, cake-y flavor that is really pleasant.  I taste hints of a buttery flavor.  I like the way all the flavors come together in one sip:  the sip starts out with a sweet orange note, and shortly afterward, I pick up on hints of cranberry.  Pineapple is present throughout the sip.  Cherry weaves its way in and out.  The cake notes are sort of a sweet undertone throughout the sip and if I happen to slurp the sip, I get more of the cake-y sweetness (although it feels a little weird to slurp iced tea, I’ve gotta tell you.)

Overall, a really good, fruity, fun iced tea.

And please consider supporting this small business with their Indiegogo Campaign!  They’re looking to reach new heights with their company and they need your support!

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