Together, We Can Save 52Teas!

52teas3OK, if you’re a regular visitor to this blog, then you probably are already aware of the fact that I have a Kickstarter Campaign going.  I’m trying to raise funds to be able to buy 52Teas from Frank Horbelt (the chief Zoomdweebie!) and also purchase the equipment, inventory and supplies that I’ll need to get the business ‘kickstarted’ under new management.

My daughter, Amethyst, will be the one running the business.  She’s a very smart and business savvy person.  She’s detail oriented and she’ll be just the right balance for me.  I’m the artist.  I’ll be creating the tea blends.  And if you’re interested in some of the ideas that I have for future tea blends, check out this update where I listed April’s teas – should we happen to get this Kickstarter campaign funded!

But those amazing teas can’t happen unless this Kickstarter Campaign gets funded!  Every little bit helps!  If you only have $5 or $10 to contribute, that’s alright, that will help me get that much closer to my goal – and remember, I’m not asking you to just give me your money here.  You choose an incentive – you’re actually buying tea in advance from me:

  • $5 will buy you your choice of one of the April Teas or one of the top five reblends (as voted on by Steepster) -or- one of the reblends that wins the ‘vote’ throughout the course of the campaign in the “taster” (1/2 ounce) size.
  • A $10 contribution will buy you your choice of the top five reblends -or- one of the reblends that are voted on throughout the course of the Kickstarter campaign.

There are many different incentives to choose from.  Some allow you to choose a reblend!  Some allow you to create your own tea of the week -or- you can become an ambassador to 52Teas and create your very own VIT (Very Important Tea) which will be named after you (or perhaps after a special occasion – what a great gift for that tea lover on your shopping list!)

Please help us save 52Teas!  Please help me get back into the art of blending teas and help my daughter and I become business partners in the process!  Please help make our dream come true!

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