Tropical Green Tea from Octavia Tea

Tropical-GreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Tea Description:

This tea is so much more than what “tropical” might conjure in your mind. There’s sweet tropical flavours for sure, but there’s also an amazing floral character that envelopes the entire tea, a fun citrus finish that blends well with the vegetal notes of the green tea. So hard to describe, you should probably just try it.

This tea is available from Amoda Tea.

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Taster’s Review:

It seems to me that most tea companies out there that offer flavored tea selections offer a ‘tropical’ flavored tea.  Some might offer a tropical flavored black tea, some might offer a tropical flavored white tea, and some might offer a tropical flavored green tea.  But it seems to be a very popular flavor profile.

And these tropical flavored teas may be a little different from one another.  They might have any flavor combination of coconut, pineapple, mango, papaya, banana or passion fruit – or other ‘tropical’ fruit.  The name ‘tropical’ leaves the door open very wide for interpretation.

But even though the base might be different and the fruit combination different, it seems to me that most of the tropical flavored teas that I’ve tried in the past (and I’ve sampled quite a few in my years as a tea reviewer!) … well, most of them blend together into a very abstract sort of painting that represents the many different tropical fruit flavored teas that I’ve tasted.  Not many of them really stand out as a memorable tropical fruit flavored tea, not many of them really step forward in my memory as one that is uniquely different from the crowd.

Until now.

This.  This Tropical Green tea from Octavia is deliciously different.  Uniquely different.  Memorably different!

It’s the grapefruit!  The grapefruit adds a really lovely note to this tea that is quite unlike any other tropical fruit flavored tea that I can remember.

The passion fruit and mango are two sweet fruit flavors and they are beautifully contrasted by the tart and slightly bitter notes of grapefruit.  The grapefruit adds a bright element to the cup that really perks up the flavors and keeps the tea from tasting like your average, every day tropical tea offering that you’ll find from other tea companies.

Not to say that those tropical teas are not tasty – I enjoyed most of what I tried.  But this one is on another level.  And the grapefruit has made all the difference.

I don’t taste much of a floral note from the rose, but that’s alright.  The rose can be there just to beautify the blend and make it visually interesting.  I’m alright with that.  Because the grapefruit makes this tea a delightful tasting tea that it doesn’t need anything else.  There is a tantalizing sweetness from the passion fruit and mango and there is appealing contrast from the grapefruit.  Perfection!

I’ve enjoyed the other teas that I’ve tried from January’s box from Amoda, but this tea elevated the box from really good to GREAT!  Have you subscribed to Amoda yet?  If not, why not?  What are you waiting for?

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