Gingerbread House Genmaicha Tea from 52Teas

Gingerbread-House-GenmaichaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

With marshmallow root, orange peel and a touch of peppermint blended into our Japanese Genmaicha, we tried to infuse a whole gingerbread house (gingerbread, orange gumdrops and spice drops, creamy frosting and all) into one tea. I think we did pretty well, but you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

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Taster’s Review:

I really liked that when I opened the pouch – I could smell GINGER!  I like my gingerbread to be heavy on the ginger flavor, I like that punch of ginger flavor, but all too often when it comes to gingerbread, I’m of the opinion that there just isn’t enough ginger to call it gingerbread.

So I was happy that I could smell ginger here.  The brewed tea smells a bit less like ginger (or gingerbread) and a bit more like brewed genmaicha with it’s nutty, toasty essence.  There are some warm notes of ginger, the fragrance of the ginger is just not as strong as it was with the dry leaf.  I’m also picking up on some sweet, cakey notes in the scent too.  It smells quite yummy.

Even though I like to let the tea cool a bit before I start writing a lot about it, I couldn’t stop myself from taking a little sip while it was still quite hot.  Mmm!  I have a really good feeling about this tea.  It’s going to be a cupful of yum!

And it is!  I like that the ginger is dominate, but it isn’t overpowering the other flavors.  This tastes the way I want my gingerbread to taste – with a strong ginger note.  I can also taste notes of creamy, marshmallow-y icing and notes of orange.

These flavors don’t overwhelm the genmaicha tea which is sweet and nutty with a really nice pleasant roasty-toasty flavor.  I like the way these flavor of the genmaicha taste with the gingerbread house flavors.  It’s sweet but not too sweet because the nutty flavors add some dimension to it to make it not so candy or cake-y that it ends up tasting cloying.

It’s a really fun flavor.

This one resteeps well too.  The flavors are less distinctly “Gingerbread House” and more like a gently spiced cookie.  It’s still quite tasty though and definitely worth the effort to resteep it, so hang on to those leaves!

I see that this tea has sold out, so I am hoping that other customers have enjoyed this tea as much as I did so that when it comes time to vote for reblends – this one will eventually get reblended!

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