Banane Chocolat Flavored Black Tea from Lupicia

bananechocolatTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Lupicia Tea

Tea Description:

Banana and chocolate flavored black tea with bright yellow petals.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

The aroma of this tea is delicious!  I can smell the banana and the chocolate and it’s making my mouth water!  Mmm!

And this is certainly tasty!  The chocolate notes are a dark chocolate note, reminding me a bit of dark, unsweetened cocoa powder that you’d use to make brownies.  Not bitter like that, but the chocolate flavor reminds me of that deep, rich cocoa flavor.

But the banana is the real star of this show.  The banana comes through strong with a really good banana flavor.  It tastes very true to the fruit.  It’s sweet and I can almost feel the creamy texture of the banana in this.

One of the better banana teas that I’ve yet to try.

The black tea is more of a background flavor here – and if I were to offer any complaint about the tea, that would be it.  I think that a slightly stronger black tea base might be nice.  Maybe a malty Assam (I would love to see how that malty flavor tastes with the banana notes!)

I found that this tea is best served hot.  When it’s still fresh from the teapot hot, I found that the flavors were less distinct.  The banana was strong but I didn’t get a strong chocolate-y presence.  So let it cool a few minutes, and then taste it again.  The chocolate notes start to come forward, and the banana is really well defined.

This one might just end up being my favorite from Lupicia!  Or, at the very least, this belongs in my top five of favorites from Lupicia.

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