Barrel Aged Chai – Silk Road – from Tea of the People

silk-road_largeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black Tea (Chai)

Where to Buy: Tea of the People

Tea Description:

Chai is to many tea drinkers to what The Beatles are to music. Paul sang, “Let it Be”, but we went “Across the Universe” and landed in Silk Road, the once legendary trade route between China, India and beyond. Barrel aged with Szechuan peppers, we made Imperial Keemun, “Come Together” with this Indian Chai. Sweet and spicy flavours will leave you wanting it “8 Days a Week”.


Barrel aging is a new and exciting way to handcraft a sophisticated cup of tea. Our barrel aging process begins by carefully hand-blending the tea and ingredients together and placing the blend into charred white oak wood barrels. Flown in from France, the barrels are then stored in our private tea cellar for five months. The oak keeps the ingredients tightly stored, allowing for the ingredient’s flavours to fuse harmoniously with the tea. 


Awarded both the prestigious designation for being one of China’s Ten Famous Teas and Official Imperial Tea of the Queen of England, Organic Imperial Keemun is one of the best black teas in the world. Great for stress management, studies have shown organic Imperial Keemun also promotes excellent oral, heart and bone health. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Most of the teas I have tasted – I can fully form my opinion about them – by the end of the cup.  This one took a while.  It took me until my 3rd cup to full form my opinion.  Not that it was a bad tasting chai – that couldn’t be further from the truth – it was just more complex than the others I have been sipping on as of late.  Barrel Aged Chai – Silk Road – from Tea of the People was quite the experience.

I read the ingredients label over and over again.  I couldn’t find anything that would make it different than the other chai’s to be honest.  Perhaps it was all of the organic ingredients – but – I have a hunch that the REAL taste difference is because it was barrel aged.  I have to say I haven’t tried many age barrels teas – a few – but not a ton of them – probably because there aren’t that many on the market.

That’s why I think this offering it wonderful!  It gives it that little extra something.  Something you can’t quite put your finger on – or in this case – your tongue on!  The spicy flavor blast of this chai really awakens your senses.  It forces you to taste and pick out each and every ingredients and ponder on it for a bit before completing your sipping adventure.  There seems to be a mysterious semi juicy undertone that is very much appreciated.  This is one chai that I will remember for a long time, that is for sure!  Very nicely done!


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