Barb’s Breakfast Black Tea from White Two Tea

Barbs_Breakfast_BlackTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  White Two Tea

Tea Description:  

The Barb’s breakfast black is an homage to my mother, who despite years of being baited with high-end Puer teas, still prefers to start her day with a heavily brewed pot of black tea in the morning. This Yunnan black tea blend is built to survive British style steeping as well as gongfu style brewing techniques.  Well balanced daily drinking black tea with a classic style, versatile enough to enjoy with breakfast on the go or in a slow and quiet tea session.

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Taster’s Review:

A really lovely Yunnan!

This isn’t as robust as I expected it to be.  Usually, I’m expecting a real wallop of flavor from a Yunnan tea, but this is more subdued.  It’s like a mellow version of Yunnan – smooth, rich, flavorful, but without the gusto that I was expecting.

That’s not to say that this isn’t a really good tea – it is!

It’s just that with a Breakfast Blend moniker, I expected it to have the kind of kick that breakfast blends usually deliver.  This is smoother and mellower, more like a gentle nudge awake rather than a swift kick in the pants.

I really love the smooth flavor of this.  It’s nicely round.  It has light notes of spice, like white pepper and hints of cinnamon.  And I find that these gentle spice notes becoming more lovely with each sip.  Not more intense, really, but more clearly defined.

I think that I’d be more likely to reach for this tea as a late morning tea or perhaps an early afternoon tea rather than my breakfast blend.  For a breakfast blend, I prefer really strong teas with some edge, and this doesn’t have that kind of edgy flavor to it.  This is more refined, like something you’d want after you’re already awake and alert, and now you want something to please the taste buds, because this tea certainly does that!

Rather than brewing this gongfu style as suggested in the above description, I brewed it in my Breville One-Touch.  (I don’t like to brew black teas gongfu style, mostly because I don’t like to scorch the fingertips with the hot gaiwan.)  I found it next to impossible to measure out a bamboo scoop of this tea because of the curly leaves, so instead, I poured the leaves into my hand and eyeballed a bamboo scoop measurement.  I eyeballed two such measurements and put them both into the basket of the Breville, and then poured 500ml of water into the jug.  The thermometer was set for 212°F and the timer for 2 1/2 minutes.

The result is a cup of perfection!  Smooth with very little astringency.  Flavorful with notes of earth, spice and leather.  Hints of fruit in the background that continue to develop as I sip, and now that I’m more than halfway through my mug of tea, I taste a distinct plum-like note that is quite nice.  I also taste distant notes of flower.

A really nice, complex cup of Yunnan!

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