Cinnamon Chai Iced Honeybush Tea from Southern Boy Teas

SBT-HONEYBUSH-Cinnamon-ChaiTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Honeybush

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Tea Description:

If you’ve never had an iced chai, you’re missing out. And this one, with it’s organic honeybush base, is exceptional. I think we found just the right balance of chai spice flavors to add to this one–some cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and a touch of clove.

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Taster’s Review:

I personally prefer my chai hot, but, it’s really nice to drink an iced chai now and then.  This is really refreshing and flavorful.

If you’ve read any of my other SBT reviews, you’re probably familiar with how I brew these teas.  The tea comes in a big sachet which is really convenient for iced tea brewing.  You can cold brew it or hot brew it and because it’s in a sachet, you can stash the brewed sachet in the fridge to resteep it for a second pitcher of tea if you’re so inclined.

I don’t usually resteep honeybush teas because I find that they lose flavor quicker than say, a white or green tea.  But I highly recommend resteeping the white and green tea varieties of Southern Boy Teas!

I heated 1 quart of water to 195°F and then I added the sachet to the pitcher and let it steep for 9 minutes (because it’s a honeybush base, there are no tannins – this won’t become bitter if you ‘oversteep’ it – so keep it steeping for maximum flavor!)  Then I poured the tea into my favorite tea pitcher and I repeated the process with a second quart of water, resteeping the sachet for 12 minutes.  This produced a full 1/2 gallon pitcher of iced tea.  (Well, you gotta let it cool first!  I usually brew the tea at night and in the morning, I have a pitcher full of refreshing iced tea.)

I like the honeyed sweetness from the honeybush.  It’s a light, nutty taste that melds well with the chai spices.  The spices are zesty but not overly spicy.  The name of this chai is “Cinnamon Chai” so I expected a big burst of cinnamon flavor but that didn’t happen.  It’s got the cinnamon flavor there, to be sure, but it’s not super cinnamon-y.  It’s a gentle warmth and I’m getting that not just from the cinnamon but also the ginger, cardamom, pepper, and cloves.

It’s warm and zesty, but not what I’d call ‘spicy.’  Just a pleasant, warmly spiced tea.  I like this one – it’s one I wouldn’t mind having on hand to enjoy regularly.  It’s tasty!

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