Giddapahar Muscatel Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea from Golden Tips

gidda-muscTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Darjeeling)

Where to Buy:  Golden Tips

Tea Description:

An excellent second flush Darjeeling with an abundance of natural muscatel. A handpicked tea from the Giddhpahar tea estate in Darjeeling with gentle fruity notes, a rich aroma and a complete rounded flavor which is a defining characteristic of premium summer Darjeeling teas.  A must-have for anytime of the day.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh, love!  LOVE!  This has the muscatel that I adore!

This is an excellent Darjeeling, one of the best that I’ve tried.  The flavor is strong – this is a stronger tasting Darjeeling than the typical light-to-medium bodied Darjeeling.  I’d categorize this as a medium-to-full bodied Darjeeling!

It has a really nice, well rounded flavor.  It almost tastes too strong and well rounded for a Darjeeling because I typically think of them as crisper and lighter teas.  This is much more robust and satisfying.  I daresay, it would make a nice morning cuppa.  Typically, I think of Darjeeling as an afternoon tea.

And it’s remarkably smooth too!  This doesn’t have the astringency that I normally experience with a Darjeeling.

So, if the first few paragraphs of this review indicate anything to you, it should be that this is NOT your typical Darjeeling!  Not by a long shot.

The flavor starts off sweet with notes of wood and grape.  There is some of that Darjeeling ‘crispness’ right at the start, but as it moves to mid-sip, the flavor develops and becomes a richer experience for the palate.  The grape flavor intensifies!  By the finish, I’m getting a really lovely muscatel finish, but without a strong astringency.  This has all that is really GREAT about a 2nd flush Darjeeling and none of the bad!

This is best hot.  I think that this is true of most Darjeeling tea.  However, I do recommend letting it cool for a few minutes before you start sipping.  I find that the muscatel really shines through best after it’s had time to cool for about three or four minutes.

This Darjeeling is one that EVERY tea drinker should try.

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