Barb’s Breakfast Black Tea from White 2 Tea Co.

Barbs_Breakfast_Black_1-600x600Tea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
White 2 Tea Co.

Product Description:
The Barb’s breakfast black is an homage to my mother, who despite years of being baited with high-end Puer teas, still prefers to start her day with a heavily brewed pot of black tea in the morning. This Yunnan black tea blend is built to survive British style steeping as well as gongfu style brewing techniques.  Well balanced daily drinking black tea with a classic style, versatile enough to enjoy with breakfast on the go or in a slow and quiet tea session.

Tasters Review:
The more I drink tea the more I enjoy the long winding, squirrelly looking black tea leaves – you know the ones – that are two toned – dark brown AND light brown…that is what this black tea looks like dry and I LOVE it.  Once infused – the post infusion liquor is a darker brown.  Once I started sipping I noticed that the tea got a bit lighter once the liquid in the cup was about half way down so it wasn’t a dark bold brown color, really, but more of a brown-gray.

This tea is malty, a bit woodsy (especially on the 2nd infusion), a bit juicy, and SMOOTH.  It doesn’t leave an aftertaste and seems to do well with 2 to 3 infusions with still providing a good amount of flavor.  This is a great breakfast tea and would probably provide a nice boost as a mid-afternoon tea as well.  Delicious!

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