Fig Peach Oolong from Modern Tea Girl

Fig-peach-oolongTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Tea Information:

Trust us, this tea tastes SO much better than it looks 🙂 Peaches may not scream Christmas, but figs are certainly quite festive! Mission and golden figs taste amazing in this blend with a beautiful, sophisticated and fragrant dark oolong. A very uncommon blend that has a stunning flavour that subtly builds with each sip.

This tea is available from Amoda Tea.

It’s also part of Amoda Tea’s Holiday Box!

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Taster’s Review:

I just received my January box from Amoda and I haven’t yet finished reviewing the teas that I got from the Holiday Box – I better get busy!

I was pretty excited about this one (really, I was excited about all the teas in the Holiday Box!  It’s a scrumptious collection of teas!  I love the flavor combination of fig and dark Oolong – these two flavors really work well together.  And because darker Oolongs tend to have a peach-like flavor and figs have a similar profile to a peach, it would seem to be the natural choice for an additional flavor for this blend.

Peach_Fig_Oolong1And what can I say?  YUM!  This is really tasty.  As Amoda says in the description above – it definitely does taste better than it looks.  It’s not the most attractive tea I’ve ever seen, but it is very tasty.

The Oolong is the star of this tea – it’s a mellow tasting, lightly smoky, earthy Oolong with a smooth, silky texture.

The flavors start out really delicate.  My first few sips, I was tasting mostly just Oolong and I found myself wondering:  “where’s the fig?  where’s the peach?”  But after about three or four sips, I started to pick up on subtle notes of fig.  The peach developed even more slowly, but after a few more sips, I could pick up on the peach.

I like that the Oolong is really front and center with this tea.  It’s a really delicious Oolong!

The fig notes arrive slowly but when they do, they’re sweet and really lovely.  I love figs and there is something so comforting to me about a fig tea – especially when served warm.  It evokes memories of a happy time in my childhood when I would pick figs from a fig orchard and eat them right after picking them.  They were still warm from the afternoon sunshine and really, there’s no better way to eat a fig!

And I’d argue that there’s no better way to eat a peach!  Freshly picked from the tree and still warm from the sun.  Mmm!  This tea manages to capture both of those flavorful memories very well.

This is a really happy tea – it makes me happy to drink it and it brings back so many warm and happy memories.  If you are looking for a really good fig tea – you should try this one.  And because it’s an Oolong, you can get a few flavorful infusions out of it!

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