Kurihara Heritage Gyokuro Tea from Yunomius

Heritage GyokuroTea Type:
Green Tea

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Product Description:

Gyokuro tea is grown beneath shading, cutting out some 85% of the sunlight. This allows the leaves to mature without obtaining bitterness. The results is an ultra delicate green tea with an extremely sweet taste profile.  Our Heritage Gyokuro is grown beneath traditional, handmade bamboo and/or straw shading. The moisture that drips from this natural shading flavors the tea — a return to the past with this gourmet tea.

Tasters Review:
Kurihara Heritage Gyokuro Tea from Yunomius is somewhat sweet but still brothy and I’m thankful for that!  This green tea is very delicious!  I’ve noticed it can get grassier tasting if infused for longer than a minute…just a little heads up to those who was to stir clear of a grasser-green-tea.  On the other hand 2nd infusions and possible 3rd infusions are somewhat lemony…which I enjoyed, too!  This is a very versatile cuppa…I’ve enjoyed it both hot and cold.

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