Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal DiviniTEA from 52Teas

Cinnamon-Apple-Oatmeal-DiviniTEATea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong (Darjeeling)

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:  

This is a VERY special blend of white-tipped formosa oolong, Darjeeling Wonder Tea (a special oolong from the Darjeeling region), cinnamon, rolled oats, freeze-dried apple bits and organic flavors.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Oh yum.  Frank does it again.

He delivers exactly what he promised.  This tastes just like Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal … actually, as I sip this, I’m not really thinking of a bowl of oatmeal, but more of an apple crisp with an oatmeal crumble topping.  Mmm!

When I scooped out a bamboo scoop of the leaves to put into the basket of my Kati tumbler, I saw a HUGE dried apple chunk.  This is not your average little dried apple diced chunk that you’ll find in other tea blends.  This is about the size of a single square on the “regular” sized Rubik’s Cube.  As in, this was bigger than the average dried apple bit.

And because this apple chunk took up half of the bamboo scoop, I decided I needed more tea in the basket.  So I measured out another 1/2 a scoop of the tea and put that into the basket.  Then I poured heated water (180°F) over the tea.  I gave it a quick 15 second rinse, discarded the liquid, and then steeped the leaves for 3 minutes.

And as I said at the start – yum.  Like serious yum.

The apple and Oolong are a perfect pairing, I think.  Having tried (and enjoyed) a couple of other apple flavored teas this season from Zoomdweebies, I think that this may be their best apple tea yet.  Like I said, the apple and the Oolong seem to just work together.  The Oolong allows the more delicate flavors of the apple to really shine through while the apple doesn’t obscure the Oolong notes.  I love that Frank used a Darjeeling Oolong in this.  I love the crispness of the Oolong base here – it seems to accentuate the crisp, apple-y flavors.

And I like that I taste the other flavors too.  The cinnamon is strong without being overly assertive.  It enhances the apple and gives the cup a hint of spice to go with the sweet.  I can taste the oatmeal notes.  I even taste a hint of brown sugar (and this would be really tasty if you sweetened it with a pinch of brown sugar to highlight those brown sugar-y notes).

This tea should really make you happy that autumn is here.  That is assuming, of course, that you weren’t already just as pleased as apple oatmeal that it’s here.

A really tasty blend that resteeps really well.  The second infusion tasted very much like the first!  I’m betting this is really good iced too.  I like it warm though, it seems to add to the cozy, comforting thoughts that a bowl of apple oatmeal inspires.


Co-Founder/Co-Creator of SororiTea Sisters, Mad Tea Artist at 52Teas
Anne (aka the Mad Tea Artist) has celebrated her 29th birthday for many years now. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her hubby and her youngest daughter. Her oldest daughter is married and has bestowed Anne with the proud title of "Gramma" and her grandson is about the cutest boy you ever did see.

Anne started her journey with tea as a casual drinker and became more serious about her tea drinking when she realized that she couldn't drink coffee. Shortly thereafter, she started becoming obsessed with the beverage and she started creating small-batch, artisan blends of tea that she sold online as LiberTEAS. After a few years, she realized she wasn't cut out to be the sole proprietor of a business so she closed LiberTEAS and started reviewing teas online. She met Jennifer through another blog that they both reviewed for and they decided to start their own review blog. This review blog!

Throughout her journey as a tea reviewer, she discovered 52Teas and became enamored with the idea of creating a new tea every week. When the founder of 52Teas decided he wanted to move on, he offered the business to Anne but knowing that she wasn't cut out to be a sole proprietor, she instead offered the company to her oldest daughter who employs her as the Mad Tea Artist for 52Teas!

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