24 Days of Tea Holiday Countdown – Day 2 from Teanzo 1856

TeanzoboxDay 2 of the countdown!  Have you finished your holiday shopping yet?  Have you started?  I’ve started, but it always seems that we’re waiting until the last possible minute to finish up.

I can’t help but think that these charming, bright red boxes of tea delights from Teanzo would make a great gift, possibly as a hostess gift for a holiday party.  Even as a holiday present, even though the “Advent Calendar” part would no longer be of use, it would still be fun to have a different tea every day for 24 days!

I know I’m enjoying it!

After my review of the tea from Day 1, I received an email from Teanzo and they told me that they used “glue dots” to secure the teas into the boxes for a more attractive presentation.  If you’ll recall, I mentioned in that review that the glue used was a very strong glue and maybe a bit too strong.  I appreciate this input from Teanzo, and I do agree that the presentation of the packages that have been adhered into place is much more attractive than it would be to receive the sampler pouches shuffling loose in the box.  I like the way the package has been positioned!  So maybe the glue is but a small annoyance so that I can enjoy a beautifully arranged box of delicious teas!

I certainly do appreciate that Teanzo is so responsive!  That they’ve taken the time to respond to this means a lot to me as a consumer.  I like it when a tea company makes my concerns – their concerns!

I was very happy to see which tea was going to be featured today, because it’s another favorite of mine!  So the tea for Day 2 of the countdown – there are only 23 days left until Christmas! – is:


JasmineGreenTeaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Teanzo 1856

Tea Description:

Immerse yourself if the intoxicating aroma of jasmine with our organic loose leaf Jasmine green tea.  This green tea is not to be missed and is a crowd pleasing green tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:  

Jasmine is one of my favorite tea “flavors” – so long as it’s not a “flavored” jasmine and is instead a properly “scented” jasmine.  This tastes to me as though it has been properly scented.  What does that mean, exactly?  Well, to this taster, it means that the jasmine tastes clear and distinct without tasting overly floral, perfume-ish or soap-y.

And that’s what I’m getting from this Jasmine tea from the Teanzo collection.  The jasmine is a well-defined note without tasting of soap or like something you should be “wearing” instead of drinking.

To brew this Jasmine, I grabbed my Kati tumbler and poured the contents of the sampler pouch into the infuser basket of the tumbler.  Then I heated water to 175°F and poured 12 ounces of the heated water into the tumbler and allowed it to steep for 2 minutes.  After 2 minutes, the brewed tea is a golden amber color and the aroma is sweet and floral.

The flavor is a nice balance between the exotic jasmine flower and the sweet, buttery green tea.  The green tea is smooth.  There is no bitterness and very little astringency.

Typically, when it comes to Jasmine teas, I prefer the base to either be a white tea or a green tea pearl-type of tea.  This Jasmine is neither – but I really like it.  It’s one of the nicer Jasmine teas I’ve tasted in recent weeks.  And do take the time to resteep the leaves!  This one offers a couple of additional steeps with no significant loss in flavor.


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