Golden Garden Estate Ceylon OP Black Tea from Capital Tea Limited

GoldenGardenEstateTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Capital Tea Limited

Tea Description:

Deeply aromatic long black wiry leaves from Sri Lanka’s Ruhuna District. These leaves produce a strong tasting medium to full bodied tea liquor possessing an intense aroma and flavour with notes of malt, chocolate and carob.

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Taster’s Review:

Another tea from a new-to-me company.  I was introduced to this company by a friend on Steepster.  It’s nice to be part of a tea community like Steepster where we can share teas with one another and expand our horizons!

And what a remarkable Ceylon!  I generally describe Ceylon teas as “medium-bodied,” and “even-tempered” and usually what I mean by “even tempered” is that it’s a smooth, easy going kind of tea.  Nothing all that exceptional.  Just kind of “average” really – the kind of tea that is often utilized when creating blends or flavored teas because it has a very even tone to it that isn’t overly aggressive or assertive so the flavors are able to express themselves fully.

But this … there is nothing average about this Ceylon!  This is not a “typical” Ceylon in any way, shape or form!  In the world of “average” Ceylon teas where the average is “nothing all that exceptional”, this IS the exception!

This tastes more like a Fujian black tea with it’s rich chocolate-y notes and caramel-y undertones.  It is more full-bodied than medium-bodied, and it has a nice, round flavor that satisfies all those little taste buds on the palate.

This is pleasantly sweet with its aforementioned caramel-y tones and notes of chocolate (which are actually more like a dark, bittersweet chocolate).  It has a rich earthy note with hints of wood.  It’s a stronger Ceylon than that typical “medium-bodied” “moderately even-toned” Ceylon.  It has a heftier taste and texture.

As the tea cools slightly, I start to pick up on notes of honey, but it’s more of a honeyed caramel than pure honey.  Notes of molasses.  I like the sweetness of this Ceylon.

And now that the temperature has cooled slightly, I can also pick up on notes of fruit in the background.  I taste ripe plum and notes of raisin.  Hints of a floral note in the distance that seem to perk up the flavors toward the finish.

Overall, a really nice experience with this first tea that I’ve tried from Capital Tea Limited!

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