Yunnan Fengqing Golden Buds Black Tea from What Cha

3__99935.1406385780.500.500Tea Type:
Black Tea

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Product Description:
– Honey aroma
– Very smooth with no bitterness or astringency
– Sweet taste with malt and butterscotch hints

Tasters Review:

At first glance – the Yunnan Fengqing Golden Buds Black Tea from What-Cha is long and twisty…one of my favorite kinds of black tea leave appearances.  Dry this tea has notes of cocoa, apricot, and a near ‘brown sugared’ type sweet potato that are all very subtle but present to the nose.

Once infused – you’ll see a golden amber-hued liquor in your cup.  Delightful!

A few notes to expect from this tea include dark cocoa with an earthy yet sweet raisin – but let’s not forget the woodsy factor – as well as the hint of apricot and butterscotch.   The strength is ‘just right’ not weak but not overly bold.  It’s well balanced with no astringency and a medium flavor that all contributes to the ‘party in your mouth’ type of tea.

This is another great black tea that offers multiple infusions which I really appreciate anytime of day!  A very smooth texture – with levels of flavors – and a nice sweet malt taste on the end sip that lingers on to the after taste.

If you haven’t checked out the tea offerings from this company yet please do yourself a favor and a FLAVOR and put them on your ‘To Discover List”.  They are really wonderful!  They have a great selection!

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