White Coconut Crème Tea from Art of Tea

white_coconut_cremeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Art of Tea

Tea Description:

Immerse yourself into a cup of this dreamy tropical infusion! With its light body and smooth creamy texture, it’s no wonder this tea is a favorite of many Art of Tea customers! Delivers a sweet and soothing balance of coconut and is great hot, iced or as a dessert tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:


I figured I’d like this tea.  I mean, I like coconut and the lighter flavor of the white tea base would really allow those coconut flavors to shine through nicely.  And this is a really tasty tea!

To brew it, I grabbed my reliable Kati tumbler and put 1 1/2 bamboo scoops of tea into the basket (when it comes to brewing white teas, I usually use a little extra leaf) and heated the water to 180°F.  That was an absent minded mistake, actually.  I usually use a lower temperature for white teas, but, I was thinking “green tea” when I started brewing this tea.  I’m not sure why, exactly.  I steeped the tea for 3 minutes.

Fortunately, my absent minded mistake while setting the temperature for the kettle didn’t upset the tea!

The coconut is really strong and flavorful.  And it tastes like genuine coconut.  It doesn’t have a fake or artificial flavor.  It’s smooth and it has that slick “coconut” flavor.

The white tea base is sweet and light in flavor.  It’s a delicate tea.  The Art of Tea website doesn’t reveal what type of white tea this is – or at least, I couldn’t find the identification of the white tea anywhere on the website.  But to this tea drinker’s eye, I would say that it is either a White Peony or a Shou Mei.  The sampling that I had of this tea appeared to look more like a Shou Mei or at the very least like a combination of both White Peony and Shou Mei.

I like that while the coconut is a strong taste in this cup, it doesn’t overpower the hay-like notes of the white tea.  It has a sweet crispness to it.  The white tea is tasted but it still allows the blend to serve as a celebration of the sweet, creamy joyful taste that is coconut!

This tea would make a really delightful dessert tea, and it tastes great hot or cold.  (Note:  the tea actually seems to get “creamier” as it cools!  Mmm!)  I found the tea to be really enjoyable and I’d recommend this tea to anyone looking for a delicious coconut tea!

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