Pu’erh Spice Tea from Simple Loose Leaf

SpicedPuerTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Pu-erh

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Tea Description:

Pleasantly perky spices add warmth and sweetness to the mellow mineral notes of Pu Erh. Sweet cinnamon and anise with tingly ginger liven up the palate while soothing the soul. A great companion for a chilly day.

P u’erh Tea, Cinnamon Bark, Natural Spice Flavor, Orange peels, Ginger Root, Aniseed and Safflower

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Taster’s Review:

To brew:  I used my gaiwan and after a 15 second rinse, I steeped the leaves for 45 seconds in water heated to 190°F.  I added 15 seconds onto each subsequent infusion.

My first infusion had a nice balance of sweet and spicy.  The cinnamon, ginger and aniseed offer an intriguing “chai like” flavor which is why I decided to categorize this as not just a Pu-erh tea but also a Chai.  The pu-erh is a deep, mellow flavor that is very smooth.  It’s a little earthy but I find that the earthiness works to this blend’s benefit.  The natural earthy tones of the spices complement the earthy notes of the tea.  I didn’t pick up a lot of orange flavor at first, but as I neared the bottom of my first cup, I started to notice more orange notes, hinting at what is to come with further infusion.

The second infusion allowed me to explore some of the characteristics of the tea a bit more.  It’s earthy, but more like a mushroom-y earthiness. It doesn’t taste brine-y or fishy.  It has a soft texture that reminds me of silky cream and the creaminess seems to translate to the flavor too.  As I mentioned previously, there is a good balance of spicy and sweet.  It’s not overly spicy, it reminds me a bit of pumpkin pie spice with brown sugar … warm and gentle and pleasantly sweet.

With the third infusion, I noticed a much darker color liquid.  The flavor was deeper and smoother this time.  I was getting a profound flavor of the rich, aged tea.  It wasn’t so earthy anymore.  Just deep, molasses-y, with hints of warm spice.  The spice notes are much softer now, but still identifiable.  A very smooth, mellow flavor.

I found that with each subsequent infusion, this tea just became even more delightful to drink.  By the fourth infusion, the spice notes and the tea had become a nearly seamless flavor.  The warm notes of spice were still present; they just seemed to taste like they were part of the tea rather than individual spice notes.  I managed eight lovely infusions from this tea and enjoyed every one of them.

It’s a perfect autumnal tea.  So warm and comforting.  It tastes like autumn.

This is one of the best Pu-erh blends I’ve yet to sample.  I found my experience with this tea to be very enjoyable – this is a really lovely tea.  I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking to expand their tea horizons into the world of Pu-erh.  This tea would be a wonderful “gateway” tea to explore the wonders of a Pu-erh.

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