Green Detox Tea from Monarch Tea Co.

MonarchTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Monarch Tea Co. or Monarch Tea Co. on Etsy

Tea Description:

The powerful duo of lemon and green tea combine in this refreshing and detoxifying blend.  Detox and refresh while boosting your metabolism through the power of green tea. 

Ingredients:  green tea, lemongrass, dried lemon.

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Taster’s Review:

This tea looks a lot different than I expected it to.  The green tea looks almost like a CTC black tea.  The leaves are very small and darker in color than most green teas that I’ve encountered.  I studied them before brewing and again after brewing to see if the teensy tiny leaves would “open” – if these were in fact very small gunpowder green tea leaves that have been rolled into pellets that are the size of a small grain of sand or if they’re just very finely chopped leaves.  The wet leaves do not appear to have “opened” at all so I think that these are just very finely chopped leaves.

Tossed with these tiny bits of green tea leaves (that look more like black tea leaves than green!) are pieces of lemongrass and very small bits of dried lemon.  The aroma is earthy and vegetal.  Like green tea.  I don’t smell much from the lemon or lemongrass.

To brew this, I used my Breville One-Touch tea maker and put about 1 1/2 bamboo scoops of tea into the basket.  Because this is such a fine CTC tea, you want to measure out a little less than you normally would because there is more surface area to be exposed to the water and because more tea actually fits in the scoop with such a fine cut.  Using more tea would have resulted in a very strong tea.  I found that the 1 1/2 scoops made a very tasty tea with 500ml of water, 175°F and 2 minutes brew time.

The brewed tea is light greenish-yellow and smells a bit more lemon-y than the dry leaf did.  The lemon notes are still rather subdued, I smell more “green tea” than I do lemon.

And this remains true for the taste:  the lemon flavor is delicate.  I taste more of the lemon in the aftertaste than I do in the actual sip.  During the sip, there is a very subtle note of lemon.  It’s tart but softened somewhat by the presence of the buttery lemongrass.  The aftertaste is tart and tingly.

The green tea is the real focus of this blend.  It’s a sweet, refreshing green tea flavor that’s very lightly vegetal.  It’s more earthy than vegetal, and it has a gentle smoky quality to it.  It’s got some drying astringency toward the tail and I find that this dry sensation accentuates the aforementioned tartness of the lemon in the aftertaste.

As for the “detox” part, I am not sure how true that is.  I don’t generally drink tea to detox.  I drink tea for enjoyment and I find that this tea is quite enjoyable to drink.  The lemon-y notes are not fake or artificial tasting, rather, it tastes as though I added a thin slice of lemon to my cup of green tea.  It’s pleasant.  It’s an uplifting drink.

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