Hojicha Green Tea from Simple Loose Leaf

HojichaGreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

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Tea Description:

Green tea from Japan that is rendered brown by roasting Bancha (a summer crop tea, harvested after Sencha) tea leaves. Comes with a toasty nutty flavor and slightly mesquite note. Earthy and warm quality, soothing, clean finish. 

Ingredients:  Roasted Bancha Tea

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Taster’s Review:

Nice!  I think that Hojicha is one tea type that I don’t offer enough praise to but I should!  I love that roasty-toasty flavor of Hojicha, it’s so warm and cozy and it’s the perfect drink for autumn evenings.  It’s not quite as caffeinated as some other teas – well, actually, I don’t know if that’s true or not.  I’m not an expert when it comes to how much caffeine is (or isn’t) in a tea.  What I do know is that after I’ve consumed Hojicha, I don’t feel as stimulated as I do after consuming an Assam black tea, for example.

So, what I’m driving at is that because I don’t feel as “charged with caffeine” after drinking Hojicha as I do after I’ve had black tea, I am of the opinion that Hojicha is a ‘safe’ evening tea.

Anyway, the warm, toasty flavor of a Hojicha has a very autumnal feel to it.  The texture of the tea is smooth and light.  And while Hojicha is a “green tea” it tastes quite different from just about any other green tea that’s out there because the roasting process of the bancha tea changes the characteristics of the tea.

So, instead of tasting “vegetal” … it tastes nutty and sweet.  Like freshly roasted nuts.  There is a delicate creaminess to it.  It’s “comfort” tea much the same way that mashed potatoes or homemade macaroni and cheese (not that stuff from the box) is comfort food.  It’s something that I turn to when I want a “hug”.  This tea gives me a great big hug and makes me feel better about the world.

So – THANK YOU to Simple Loose Leaf for this hug!

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