Lemon Flavored Green Tea from Tea of Life

TeaofLifeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

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Taster’s Review:

Before steeping this tea, I tried to smell something “lemony” in the tea.  I couldn’t smell anything at all.  No green tea, no lemon notes … nothing.  I was a little worried that I’d have a flavorless tea here.

But, after steeping (175°F water for 2 minutes), the lemon emerges!  Now, I’m smelling … well, what I’m smelling is reminiscent of lemon Pledge.  Not something that I really want to drink, but, fortunately, I don’t think this tastes like lemon Pledge.  At least, this isn’t what I’d imagine lemon Pledge to taste like.  I’ve only used lemon Pledge to dust and polish my furniture, I haven’t consumed it internally.

It’s actually quite a pleasant aroma.

And the flavor is quite pleasant as well.  The lemon notes are strong but do not overpower the sweet, lightly grassy green tea notes.  The lemon is tart and tastes like lemon.  It doesn’t taste like an artificial lemon flavor.  It doesn’t taste like an overly sweetened version of lemon.  It tastes like I squeezed a slice of lemon over my teacup.  It’s a bright and energetic lemon note.

I preferred this particular tea hot.  As it cools, some of the flavors wane a bit too much to my liking, I like that sunny, uplifting lemon note that I experience when this tea is hot.

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