Banana Coconut Tisane from The Persimmon Tree

BananaCoconutTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos & Herbal Tisane

Where To Buy:  The Persimmon Tree

Tisane Description:

Our Banana Coconut herbal tea is a smooth and scrumptious herbal blend of rooibos, chamomile and lemongrass with notes of ripe banana, sweet coconut, graham cracker and a hint of caramel. This caffeine-free tropical blend will put a smile on anyone’s face. Try it iced and lightly sweetened for an extra refreshing summer beverage.

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Taster’s Review:

I don’t always say “yummy” when I’m tasting a chamomile blend.  I don’t always say “yummy” when I’m tasting a blend made with rooibos.  So to have a blend with both these herbals in front of me and to have me say “yummy” after taking a sip seems pretty remarkable to me.  But this is indeed yummy!

And that yumminess factor has less to do with the rooibos and chamomile and more to do with the other flavors going on in this cup:  banana, coconut, caramel and even a little bit of graham cracker.

This is an interesting cup because there is a lot going on but it works.  When I read the description and saw the flavors of banana, coconut, graham cracker and caramel” I thought … oh, ok, that sounds like a yummy pie.  But then you see ingredients like lemongrass and chamomile and you think … what?  Why are those ingredients in there?

But somehow, it all works together in a very flavorful way, and without any one flavor or ingredient becoming overwhelmed by any of the others.  I taste each component of the tisane and it all tastes really good together.

The chamomile offers a very light apple-y flavor.  The chamomile works harmoniously with the honey notes of the rooibos, because I taste a hint of pollen-ish flavor from the chamomile and this melds with the rooibos to bring out the nutty, honey sweet flavor of the South African herb.  And the lemongrass is subtle here, offering a smooth, buttery note with a hint of citrus-y brightness.

Each component seems to unite with other components of the cup to bring out the best in each ingredient.  And really, that’s what you want from a tea blend – that’s the thing that makes blends so appealing is the way that each ingredient adds to the combination so that the sum is greater than the individual parts.  And this blend really succeeded in that quest!

This is a naturally caffeine-free (and guilt free!) treat that makes a perfect bedtime treat for those nights when you’re craving something sweet before you tuck in to bed.  Served warm, it’s so soothing, comforting and a delightful sweet-tooth indulgence.  It’s also tasty iced!

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