Jungpana Imperial Autumn Flush (2013) from Darjeeling Tea Lovers


Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Darjeeling Tea Lovers

Tea Description:

JUNGPANA IMPERIAL is another wonderful tea in offering this season from the vintage Junpana Tea Garden.

This tea has very high “Autumnal tea flavours”. After drinking this tea, you will feel the whole mouth is full of sweetness and the orchid aroma is lingering between your teeth.

Normally for tea from JUNGPANA, you will easily smell the delicate and sharp aroma after brewing. This tea is no different. A perfect specimen for what AUTUMNAL BLACK TEA should be.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Awesome!  This Jungpana Imperial Autumn Flush from Darjeeling Tea Lovers is a seriously good tea!  I actually found myself questioning whether I’d be happy with it, because when my tea maker finished the brewing of this tea, the liquor seemed rather “light.”  And while I’ve had plenty of amazing teas with a lighter liquor like this one, I still have that response, I judge a tea based on its color and this delightful tea just goes to prove that!  Don’t pre-judge a tea … let the proof be in the tasting!

I agree with the above description, this tea does have high autumnal flavors.  I taste intriguing notes of spice that are contrasted by notes of sweetness.  Notes of fruit, earth, wood and flower are also present.  It’s a lovely, complex, nicely round cuppa!

Although the color of the liquid is light, there is a pleasing, thick texture to it.  Not “heavy” but a rich thickness that gently coats the palate with a delicious sweetness that has notes of fruit (I taste notes of grape, plum, currant and even hints of apple), flower (I don’t know if I’m tasting orchid, but, it’s a lovely floral essence) as well as notes of rustic wood and subtle earth notes that lie beneath the overtones of spice and an almost sugary sweetness.

This is a truly lovely offering from Darjeeling Tea Lovers.  If you haven’t yet tried their teas, I highly recommend doing so!  Put them at the top of your must try list!


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2 thoughts on “Jungpana Imperial Autumn Flush (2013) from Darjeeling Tea Lovers

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for appreciating this tea.. As far as the liquor color is concerned, I would say the reason for this is:
    If you see the DRY LEAVES, you will find that the size is larger compared to other DARJEELING BLACK TEAS (Goomtee Autumn Classic) This is also evident in the INFUSION where you can see that whole leaves unfurl when brewed.

    Normally a practice is followed in DARJEELING where the dry tea leaves are ‘CUT’ to make even sizing. This makes the liquor a little more bold or ‘THICK’ whereas with this tea the leaves remain UNCUT so the tea retains its delicacy and gives NATURAL FLAVOR..

    • Thank you for your input on the color of this tea, I was only concerned about it momentarily until I tasted it, and it was such an excellent tea that I needn’t have worried. It turned out to be a very memorable tea, indeed.

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