Rooibos Chocolate Coconut from Tea of Life

chocolatecoconutTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

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Tisane Description:

South African Red Bush or Rooibos Tea is a pure and natural herbal blend.  Freshly harvested and finely chopped rooibos goes through a process of oxidation with the aid of the oxygen from the atmosphere and subsequently dried int he sun to produce a deep mahogany red cup of which is one of the most popular and healthy herbal drinks today.

“Tea of Life” is proud to introduce five New Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibos Teas combined with Dark Chocolate with delicious natural fruit and mint flavors for your enjoyment – all day and into the evening.

Taster’s Review:

The scent that is coming out of my teacup right now is evoking thoughts of chocolate coconut cake!  Yep, my mouth is watering right now, just thinking about chocolate and coconut!  Mmm!  Some of the most difficult moments of my life are those few minutes that I wait after I’ve brewed a cup of tea and I’m waiting for the cup to cool a little bit so that I can begin sipping.  I mean, I don’t want to burn my tongue, but, this smells so yummy that I’m growing impatient.

But the flavor is worth the wait.  As I’ve said on numerous occasions, I’m not big on rooibos, but, I’ve actually found quite a few that I enjoy.  And I’ve really been enjoying these Dark Chocolate blends from Tea of Life.  This one features luscious notes of Dark Chocolate and sweet and creamy notes of coconut.  Yum!

As you’d expect, this is a sweet tisane.  The chocolate notes are deep and rich and bittersweet.  The coconut notes are a little more subdued than the chocolate, but, not by much.  There is a pretty good balance of flavors between the two components here.  Lots of chocolate and lots of coconut.

What I’m not getting lots of is rooibos flavor and that’s alright.  I do get some warm, nutty tones from the rooibos and some of the sweetness of the cup I also attribute to the natural sweetness of the South African herb.  But overall, there isn’t a strong rooibos flavor to this cup.  This tisane is all about the chocolate and the coconut, and you won’t get any complaints about that here.  Chocoholic:  satisfied!

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