Pure Indulgence Cinnamon Pu Erh from Palais Des Thes

Pu ErhTea Type:
Pu Erh

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Palais Des Thes

Product Description:

Pure Indulgences Cinnamon is an exceptional new flavored tea featuring a single natural ingredient.

This deliciously novel pairing combines a magnificent Chinese Pu Erh with subtle, sweet cinnamon for an exceptional blend.
Pu Erh, also called dark tea in reference to the deep brown infusion it produces, gets better with age. These teas come from the Yunnan Province in China and are widely renowned in the Asian pharmacopoeia for their many beneficial properties.

Pure Indulgences are the result of a lengthy process of selection and development, motivated by the quest to find the perfect balance between the tea leaves, which have their own gustatory characteristics, and the finest ingredients (delicate pieces of fruit and flowers and only all-natural extracts).

Tasters Review:

Most of you already know that I LOVE all types of tea…Black, Green, White, Yellow, Purple, Rooibos, Oolong, Honeybush, Tisanes of all sorts, even Pu Erh.  But I have to be honest – out of all of them I probably reach for fruit-hibiscus-herbals and Pu Erh’s the fewest of them all.  No real reason…I just tend to lean towards the others more often.

But when I come across a Pu Erh I do enjoy…I tend to write and talk about it.  Just as it is with this tea from Palais Des Thes and their Cinnamon Pure Indulgence Pu Erh.

Upon first glance – the dry Pu Erh was brownish/black with a rusty, dusty textured finish.  There was a pleasant cinnamon aroma to it but not overly so.

After infusing for a bit I took my first sip and thought to myself…WOW…this is MUCH better than I anticipated!  I shouldn’t have been surprised because most if not all of the teas from Palais Des Thes I have enjoyed up to this point.  Again, this tea, followed suit.

The post infusion color is that of a medium brown much like some black teas I have seen.  When I infused this Pu Erh it didn’t go “Coffee” Black as some tend to infuse.  This doesn’t have a fishy or woodsy or muddy aroma either.  It’s just a touch of Cinnamon.  It’s also not TOO Cinnamon like a Fire Ball for example.  It’s JUST right, really.  Warming, welcoming, and tasty!  A Flavored Pu Erh for the books!  Two thumbs up!

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