White Tea Raspberry from Tea of Life

TeaofLifeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

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Taster’s Review:

As I’ve said many times before (and will no doubt say many times again in the future!), I prefer loose leaf to bagged teas.  The quality of the tea is superior with most loose leaf teas versus bagged and/or sacheted teas.  There are other advantages to loose leaf as well, but my main gripe with bagged/sacheted teas is the quality.

That said, I haven’t found anything to really complain about with the teas that I’ve tried from Tea of Life.  All the teas have been either bagged or sacheted, and I’ve been happy with most that I’ve tried.  Sure, I’ve liked some better than others, and I can’t help but think that I might like them even better if they were loose leaf teas.  However, there are benefits to finding a high quality bagged/sacheted tea, especially when it comes to convenience issues.  It’s far more convenient to bring a bagged/sacheted tea to work or when traveling – and trust me, when you’re traveling, you want to bring a tea you like with you!  The bagged teas you find at the hotels just don’t cut it!  Ick!

But this White Tea Raspberry from Tea of Life is far from ick!  It’s quite tasty!  The white tea is sweet and crisp tasting, with a nice, smooth flavor.  I am tasting a slight creamy taste to the white tea too, and this is a nice complement to the bright, tart raspberry notes.

The white tea tastes delicate, but it isn’t so delicate that I can’t taste it.  It melds beautifully with the raspberry.  The raspberry notes here are true to the fruit, it tastes like a tart and sweet raspberry.  That tarty tingle near the finish reminds me of a fresh berry.

This tea tastes really good hot, but it shines as an iced tea!  I cold-brewed five tea bags in my half-gallon pitcher overnight, and the next day, I was treated to a really lovely cold beverage that I enjoyed all afternoon long!

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