Sweet Peach White Tea Blend from Simple Loose Leaf

Sweet-Peach-White-TeaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Simple Loose Leaf

Tea Description:

White tea, with its sweet, soft floral flavors is an ideal choice to blend with delicate fruit notes. Sweet peach flavor brings out the best in white tea and creates a delightful twist on our wonderful Shou Mei. Delicious served iced as well as hot, this tea makes an ideal light, summery drink.

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Taster’s Review:

When I opened the sampler packet of this Sweet Peach White Tea Blend from Simple Loose Leaf – which was part of this month’s Selection Club box! – I was blown away by the aroma!  Wow!  This tea packs one powerful peach punch.  The fragrance is like I had just cut into a fresh, tree-ripened peach.  Mmm!

After being greeted by such a delicious scent, I could hardly wait to taste the tea.  And the flavor of this tea is outstanding.  It tastes strongly of peach, but, the sweet, juicy peach notes do not overwhelm the delicate Shou Mei white tea.

The peach has an authentic taste.  I’m not tasting an “artificial” peach note or a chemical-y taste that I can sometimes get with a flavored tea.  This tastes like PEACHES.  Drinking this hot, it reminds me of the warm filling of a peach cobbler.  Allow it to cool, and you’re treated to a wonderful iced tea that tastes so good, you can almost feel the juice of the peach running down your arm.

As I mentioned before, the white tea is not overpowered in this cup.  It is a light, sweet taste that offers whispers of earthy notes and hints of hay-like flavors, as well as a sweet, dewy flavor.  The combination of peach and white tea is a real winner here … and this tea from Simple Loose Leaf is a definite WIN!

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