Just A Taste of Spring Tisane from Just.Organic.Tea

TasteofSpringTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Just.Organic.Tea

Tisane Description:

Our blend of spring fruits and flowers combine the first pink roses, vibrant magenta hibiscus, blue and white cornflowers, and a sprinkling of blueberries, in a base of pure organic green rooibos. Tastes great hot or iced. Naturally caffeine free.

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Taster’s Review:

I’ve never really made any big secret of the fact that I’m not a big fan of hibiscus in tisane blends.  If it’s steeped too long, hibiscus can brew to a thick, syrupy liquid.  If there’s too much hibiscus in a blend, the result can be a very tart beverage and I don’t care for drinks that make me pucker.  So, I wasn’t all that excited to see hibiscus in this blend.

But, I brewed it with care and hoped that there wouldn’t be too much hibiscus in it.  Having really enjoyed Just.Organic.Tea.’s Orange Spice Black Tea and appreciating their skillful blending of that tea, I hoped that just as much skill was put into the blending of this Just a Taste of Spring blend.

This is alright.

There are things that I like about it, and there are things that I’d change about it if I could.  For example, I like the green rooibos in this.  It adds a fresh, light flavor to the cup and the natural sweetness of the rooibos softens the tarty notes of the hibiscus.

There is a bit more hibiscus in this than I’d like there to be (but let’s face it, I’d rather there be no hibiscus in it).  But on the plus side, it doesn’t have a thick, syrupy texture (I only steeped it for 6 minutes, which is probably one factor to the lighter texture).

I love the juicy blueberry taste to this. Sweet and a little tart – and the hibiscus does emphasize this tartness a bit – I like the blueberry flavor.  I find myself wishing I could taste more of the rose.  As it is, the hibiscus seems to mask the sweet floral notes and I am missing those.

Overall, it’s not a bad blend.  It’s not my favorite, and as I said, there are things that I’d change about it if I could.  I liked it alright … didn’t love it.  On the other hand, my youngest daughter loved it!  She’s a blueberry lover, and she loved the tart, tingly flavor of this tisane.

If you’re able to, please consider contributing to Just.Organic.Tea’s Fundraising Campaign on Kickstarter.  With your help, this new tea company can get up and running!


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