Duchess’ First Love Black Tea Blend from Tay Tea

Duchess-First-LoveTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tay Tea

Tea Description:

This is reminiscent of a creamy earl grey, but has the added bonus of sweet caramel and honeyed rooibos notes. The black tea lends backbone to the blend and the hazelnut creme caramel keeps you sipping. Even when the cup is empty the flavours keep lingering.

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Taster’s Review:

Usually when I get my box from Amoda, I grab the tea that appeals to me most and try that one before I sample the others.  But this time, I decided to save the one was certain to love for last.  And I’m glad I did.  This Duchess’ First Love Black Tea Blend from Tay Tea is an exciting blend!

When I opened the packet of tea, I was enchanted by the scent.  Maybe enchanted isn’t the right word.  I felt my mouth water when I experienced the aroma of this tea.  It smells … SCRUMPTIOUS!  The vanilla notes are almost palpable – they are so strong and delicious smelling and it’s as though I can taste and feel  them as I smell them.

And YUM!  This is one of the tastiest Earl Grey Creme teas I’ve tasted.  The bergamot is sweet and tangy, and the sometimes sharp notes of the Italian orange has been softened by luscious, creamy vanilla tones.

I’m not sure if the addition of the rooibos in this blend is what makes the difference in this tea, turning it from a good Earl Grey Creme to an exceptional one.  But, I am pretty sure that the rooibos has something to do with it.  I taste a honey-esque sweetness that enhances the vanilla in a really beautiful way.  I don’t taste a lot of contribution of flavor from the rooibos, but I do taste that honeyed note, with a slight nutty intonation.

The bergamot is not the strongest bergamot I’ve tasted in an Earl Grey tea, but that’s to be expected with an Earl Grey Creme.  The creaminess softens the flavor of the bergamot so that it’s not as sharp.  And I’m also getting a distinct “caramel-y” note to this cup as well, and it’s quite an indulgent flavor.  Notes of sweet hazelnut accentuate the caramel notes in a really delicious way.  This tastes like something you’d serve for dessert!

The flavors here are seamless.  The black tea has a deep, rich flavor.  I would classify this as a medium bodied tea, but not really because of the black tea base, because it is a full, well-rounded tea.  The rooibos lightens the cup up just a tad, but, I think that it works because the vanilla doesn’t feel so heavy.  It is a very synergistic cup of tea, with every component complimenting the others to get the best out of each flavor profile.

Of the three teas that I tried this month from Tay Tea, this one is by far my favorite.  A definite must try from this company, especially if you’re an Earl Grey fan!

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