Rooibos Chocolate Banana Tisane from Tea of Life

ChocolateBananaTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

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Tisane Description:

South African Red Bush or Rooibos Tea is a pure and natural herbal blend.  Freshly harvested and finely chopped rooibos goes through a process of oxidation with the aid of the oxygen from the atmosphere and subsequently dried int he sun to produce a deep mahogany red cup of which is one of the most popular and healthy herbal drinks today.

“Tea of Life” is proud to introduce five New Naturally Caffeine Free Rooibos Teas combined with Dark Chocolate with delicious natural fruit and mint flavors for your enjoyment – all day and into the evening.

Taster’s Review:

Mmm!  I usually enjoy banana flavored teas and tisanes, and being a chocoholic, I’m never one to turn down something chocolate – so I went into the experience with this Rooibos Chocolate Banana Tisane from Tea of Life pretty certain that I’d enjoy it.  Even though I’m not always excited about rooibos blends, I thought that the nutty/woodsy notes of the rooibos would meld nicely with the dark chocolate and banana flavors, so I wasn’t too worried or apprehensive about trying this tisane.

What really makes this tisane a winner is the dark chocolate flavor.  It is a really rich and wonderful chocolate note.  It isn’t a bittersweet chocolate taste – perhaps the sweetness from the banana as well as the natural sweet notes from the rooibos help to soften the chocolate.  But I like that even though some of the bitter notes have been subdued, the chocolate is still the main flavor I taste here.

The banana is sweet and it has a really interesting flavor that falls somewhere in between true banana flavor and banana flavored candy.  It’s not quite banana runts, but it’s not pure banana either.  It tastes more like a banana that’s been roasted in the oven with dark chocolate morsels.  The dark chocolate is melted and drizzling over the banana that is becoming sweeter from the heat.  A slightly caramelized banana … dipped in dark chocolate.  And as far as I’m concerned, that’s the best way for a banana to taste.

The woodsy notes of the rooibos are there, but they seem to play a background note to the foreground of chocolate and banana.  And that’s quite alright with me.

This is really tasty!

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