Dreamsicle Darjeeling Black Tea from 52Teas

DreamsicleDarjeelingTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Darjeeling)

Where to Buy:  52Teas

Tea Description:

Orange you glad we didn’t just do another ho-hum Orange tea? Oh, my darjeelings, we couldn’t do that to you!

Instead, here’s a blend of real Margaret’s Hope Estate Darjeelings blended with real orange peel and natural orange and cream flavors. It’s a Dreamsicle Darjeeling. There’s some purists out there who might find it an outrage that we would create a flavored blend with what is known as the “Champagne of teas”, but we’re not scared. Give this a shot and you’ll be wondering why no one has attempted it before.

Just remember that Darjeeling is a bit more delicate than most black teas. Some tea nerds would argue that it is technically an oolong, as it is only oxidized about 90%. The upshot of all of this is that you have to steep it in water just below the boiling point (180-190°) for three to four minutes only.

Learn more about this blend here.

Taster’s Review:

I’m actually *revisiting* this tea because I can’t seem to find a review from the first time I tasted it.  I may or may not have reviewed this tea from the original batch – but regardless – here’s my review for the reblended batch that was released about the same time that 52Teas announced their VIT (Very Important Tea): Dreamsicle Puerh as their special release for their fundraising campaign.

But I certainly don’t mind revisiting this Dreamsicle Darjeeling Black Tea, it’s one of my all time favorites from 52Teas.  I was so happy to see that Frank (Chief Zoomdweebie over at 52Teas) decided to reblend this tea!

Unfortunately, as with nearly all reblends from 52Teas, I can’t say that this Dreamsicle Darjeeling is as memorable as the original batch.  Oh, this reblended batch still makes a tasty cup of tea, but it just isn’t quite as … “dreamy” as I remember.

This has plenty of orange flavor, it’s the vanilla tones that I think are lacking.  This is not as creamy as I’d like it to be.  However, I do get a really nice flavor from the Darjeeling – it’s crisp and I am getting some wine-like, fruity notes that are distinctly Darjeeling-esque.  I also taste some of the woodsy notes of the Darjeeling.

The orange adds a nice brightness to the cup, and it tastes very much like the orange I would taste on the outside of the Dreamsicle treat, it’s sweet and refreshing.  I do taste some vanilla notes, I am just wishing I tasted more, and I think that just a little more vanilla would give this a more “Dreamsicle” taste.

Overall – it’s good!  Just not as amazing as I remember the original batch tasting.

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