Obukucha Green Tea from Steepster

Obukucha1Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Steepster Select

Tea Description:

Cold aged until the New Year, this sencha is a reminder of the year that has passed and the upcoming spring just around the corner.

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Taster’s Review:

I took a few sips of this Obukucha Green Tea from Steepster before I read the above description and before I even read it, the first word that came to my mind after the first one or two sips was “spring.”  This indeed tastes like spring to me with it’s fresh, vibrant flavor.

ObukuchaThis tea brews up a beautiful bright, light green color that tells of its invigorating, spring-like taste.   It is sweet and has a pleasant texture that reminds me of a light broth.  The flavor is delicate.  The vegetative notes here fall somewhere between grassy and seaweed-like.

There is a good balance between savory and sweet with this tea.  It has a very satisfying flavor to it.  Quite often with sencha teas, I find the flavor to either be very strong or to be so soft that I feel like I need to eat something with the tea to help bring out the flavors a little bit.  But as I drink this tea, the best way I can think of to explain how the flavor of this tea is different is that it’s a “well balanced meal.”  That is to say, this tea doesn’t need anything else to improve or accentuate the flavor or to help to bring out the delicate nuances.

One of the better Sencha teas I’ve tasted.

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