Organic White Tea Blackberry from Tea of Life

OrganicsTeaofLifeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

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Tea Ingredients:

Organic White Tea and Organic Blackberry Pieces with Blackberry Flavor.

Taster’s Review:

I am usually someone who turns my nose up at bagged tea.  That’s because I find that the bagged tea is usually inferior to loose leaf.  However, I must say that the teas that I’ve been tasting from Tea of Life have been really impressive.  And these are sacheted teas!

And the latest tea that I’ve tasted from Tea of Life is this Organic White Tea Blackberry.  This is really, REALLY good.  The blackberry flavor is really well defined and doesn’t taste artificial.  It tastes like I ate a fresh blackberry – bursting with juicy flavor! – every time I take a sip.  Sweet, true to the fruit flavor.  Delicious!

And the sweet, delicate, somewhat earthy quality of the white tea marries nicely with the abundant blackberry flavor.  They are balanced well – with enough blackberry flavor so that there’s no doubt what I’m tasting, but, not so much that it tastes like blackberry punch and not tea.  I can taste the white tea here.

I received this tea sachet as part of the Organic Teas Natural Tea Pyramids gift package.  The description of this tea gift package in the Tea of Life brochure says this:

A beautifully packed gift of tea. Contains 4 different Organic teas in biodegradable pyramid tea bags which are individually packed in pyramid shape boxes.

This is a really fun tea gift!  The tea sachets are packaged very elegantly in slender pyramids, and there are four different teas (a black tea, a green tea, this white tea, and a rooibos blend) – something like this would be ideal for someone who is new to exploring tea, or would also be great for travel.

A really yummy tea!

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