English Breakfast Tea from Tea of Life

EnglishBreakfastTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

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Tea Description:

A Fine Black Tea from the World renown  Dimbula Tea Growing District of the Central Ceylon.  Enjoy this wonderful tea to a healthier life overall.

Taster’s Review:

The first thing I notice about this English Breakfast Tea from Tea of Life isn’t the tea itself but the packaging.  As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for eye-catching packaging, and these “Pop Art” tins from Tea of Life are gorgeous!  This particular tin has an Indian Floral style print on it.  Beautiful!

And this is a really nice English Breakfast tea.  It has a hearty, robust flavor that would take to the additions of milk and honey well, if you care to add them, or if you want something with a little more edge to it, take it straight!

It is a full-flavored tea with hints of malty tones.  The sip starts off with a sweet note, followed by some earthy tones that evoke thoughts of leather.  About mid-sip there is a hint of citrus that comes through, and this citrus-y note offers a slight “tang” in the aftertaste.  It’s an enjoyable tea.

There is a moderate amount of astringency to this tea, but there is no bitterness – although, I’d take care not to oversteep it.  Because it’s a bagged tea, I recommend steeping it for not longer than 2 1/2 minutes.  But, even though this is a bagged tea, it’s very tasty, and while I’m not usually crazy for a bagged tea, this one impresses me.

This is my first tea that I’ve tasted from this company, but it won’t be the last.  The cool artwork on the tin drew me in to this tea … but the flavor will keep me coming back.

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