Sacher Blend Tea from Upton Tea Imports

sacherBlendTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Upton Tea Imports

Tea Description:

Inspired by the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, this is a traditional blend of Darjeeling with a hint of Ceylon. The blend is then lightly scented with oil of Bergamot and a hint of genuine Bourbon vanilla. The result is a floral Darjeeling surrounded by soft, fruity, citrus notes. A new formula which we find especially pleasing. 

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Taster’s Review:

When I came across this Sacher Blend Tea from Upton Tea Imports in my stash, the thought that immediately came to mind is one of my favorite television shows:  Grimm.  Most of the show is filmed in Portland, Oregon, which is what drew me to start watching it in the first place and one of the reasons I still love the show.  Portland is almost like one of the “characters” of the show, and I feel like I “know” Portland … or at least am somewhat familiar with my odd neighboring city.

Anyway, the reason this tea reminds me of Grimm is because some of the scenes over the last couple of seasons have been filmed in Vienna and the main location in Vienna is the Hotel Sacher.  So when I found this tea in my stash, I was excited to try it.  Is that nerdy of me?

I was even more excited when I opened the package and I realized that this was an Earl Grey blend!  I could smell the bergamot – one of my favorite scents when it comes to tea!  The bergamot aroma is softer in this blend than in some other Earl Grey teas that I’ve sampled, and even though I do love a good, strong bergamot (so long as it’s a good quality bergamot!) I also have an appreciation for the more subtle approach when it comes to bergamot.

And Upton took the subtle approach with this blend.  The bergamot is not just a softer fragrance, but it is also represented in a more delicate way in the taste.  Oh, it’s still there, definitely!  But the flavor is not in your face.  This Earl moves in on you slowly but surely, enveloping you in its flavor.  I think that this could be an Earl Grey that those who are typically put off by the strong, perfume-y taste of some Earl Grey blends, this is not perfume-y at all.  This is sweet, tangy, and uplifting.

The black tea base is a blend of Ceylon and Darjeeling teas, and this provides a mild, light-to-medium bodied tea that seems to glide over the palate.  There is nothing heavy to this cup, making it a perfect choice for an afternoon tea.  It is a mellow, gently invigorating cup of tea.  One of the better Earl Grey teas that utilizes Darjeeling in the base that I’ve come across.

This is something I could definitely see myself sipping in Vienna at the Hotel Sacher, and hopefully avoiding any unfortunate encounters with Wesen.

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