Sourenee SFTGFOP 1 Organic 2nd Flush 2013 Darjeeling from Lochan Tea Unlimited

LochanTea Type:Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Lochan Tea Limited

Product Description:
I was unable to locate a product description of this SPECIFIC tea on their website.  However, here is a little bit more info on the Sourenee Estate and the Sourenee Black Blossom.

Sourenee like most other Darjeeling gardens has an interesting story behind its name. Bjoujit Rai, son of the erstwhile Dakman Rai, who was as responsible for the establishment of Darjeeling as Llyod, established Soureni garden by planting “Saur” – a kind of medicinal tree which grows in this region, and “Rani” which means ‘the Queen of the Valley’. A combination of those two words formed the name of the garden. It is a tea garden with a unique scenic beauty. Though the age of the tea estate is more than 100 years old, its oldest tea shrubs are now being replaced with new clonal plants in stages.Description: Sourenee Tea Estate, in West Bengal, India has been in operation producing highest – quality Darjeeling tea for more than 100 years. Their current goal is to further their established reputation for manufacturing world – class, delicious tea by the addition of Organic Certification.

• Category : Black Tea
• Flush : 2nd Flush, 2013
• Origin: Darjeeling, India
• Tea Farm: Sourenee Tea Estate

Sourenee tea known as the Black Blossom, these tea leaves are carefully plucked at an altitude of 5000 ft. We found the flavor of this Sourenee to be exquisite – fresh, simple, and smooth, without any harshness or tendency toward astringency. Fresh muscatel flavor ; if you want a Darjeeling tea full of flavor and character, this is the Darjeeling for you.

Tasters Review:
Sourenee SFTGFOP 1 Organic 2nd Flush 2013 Darjeeling from Lochan Tea Unlimited…oh how I enjoy thee!   The flavor is a little bit on the masculine side without being harsh or astringent.  Upfront there is a gentle woodsy spec of flavor that merges into a more smooth and creamy mid-sip.   It’s not as dry as some Darjeelings tend to be.  I like that.  The aftertaste is a bit sweeter than I expected but don’t get me wrong it’s a pleasant surprise!  I really enjoyed it.  Lochan has come out with several Darjeelings that I intend on sharing with  you in the near future.  I haven’t met one I didn’t like!

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