Coconut Chai Black Tea Blend from Zhi Tea

Coconut_Chai_Organic_TeaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Zhi Tea

Tea Description:

Our unique Coconut Chai begins with organic coconut pieces and our top-quality organic Assam Black whole leaf tea. 

Accompanying this superb pairing is a medley cinnamon, ginger, and whole cardamom. Bursting with the essence of the tropics, this handcrafted blend will soothe, nourish, and uplift your spirits. Share a steaming mug with a good friend. 

Learn more about this chai here.

Taster’s Review:

The aroma of the dry leaf is tempting with notes of sweet coconut and spicy cinnamon and ginger.  I waited anxiously for this Coconut Chai Black Tea Blend from Zhi Tea to finish steeping … three minutes seems like forever when you can’t wait to taste the tea!  (And then there’s the cooling time!  Argh!  The anticipation!!!)

But this chai is well worth the wait!  YUM!  It’s a delicious way to warm you up.  The spices are sweet yet spicy, and mingle in a very enjoyable way with the sweet, creamy coconut notes.  I like that the coconut adds just the right creaminess to the cup; no dairy is needed to enjoy a latte-like experience.  However, if you want to enhance those creamy tones, a splash of milk will do that for you.

The black tea base is an Assam tea, and I can taste the richness it provides.  It has a smooth texture and a malty flavor that melds well with the sweetness of the coconut.  The tea is full-flavored and has a sweet, caramel-esque undertone, and it is moderately astringent.  It is bold enough to stand up to the strength of the spices, and I like that I can enjoy the flavor of this Assam as well as the other ingredients of the blend.

This is not an overtly spicy chai.  The cinnamon tastes sweet, the ginger adds a pepper-ish kick to the cup while the cardamom adds a touch of warmth to the cup.  It isn’t what I’d call a hot or spicy chai, rather, I would call it warm and inviting.  This is the kind of chai that I think most people could enjoy – even the ones who tend to shy away from chai because they’re a bit too much for them.  I think that the coconut mellows out the spices just enough to make this a warm chai but not a spicy one.

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