Organic Pomegranate Green Tea from Brew La La Tea

Pomegranate GreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Brew La La Tea

Tea Description:

We’ve combined the crisp, freshness of green tea with the sweet and juicy pomegranate to bring you a healthy, delicious and most of all, enjoyable experience.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Nice!  This Organic Pomegranate Green Tea from Brew La La Tea is really tasty.  I like that the pomegranate comes through without tasting artificial.  The pomegranate flavoring here tastes very true to the fruit.  It has that bright, sweet-tart flavor that I’d expect from a tea calling itself a pomegranate tea without sacrificing the flavor of the green tea.  Both components here are well represented.

The green tea base is smooth and sweet.  There is a soft, buttery note to this with a vegetative tone, reminiscent of freshly steamed and lightly buttered veggies.  The texture is silky.

And the notes of the green tea meld harmoniously with the flavor of the pomegranate.  The flavor is fruity, tart, and just sweet enough to contrast with the tart.  I like the balance of flavors in this cup.

This tea is a perfect one to enjoy this time of year, when pomegranates are found everywhere.  I love pomegranates but, they’re pretty spendy!  This tea is a great way to not only enjoy my green tea, but also the flavor of one of my favorite fruit flavors too.

I drank this tea hot (this time of year, tea just tastes better hot, you know?), but I think it would also be very good iced.  Another WIN from Brew La La Tea!

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