Smooth Orange White Tea from Steep This!

smoothorangeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Steep This!

Tea Description:

We love orange and our line-up seemed amiss without an orange offering of some kind. So we got straight to work on duplicating everyone’s favorite orange/ice-cream treat on a stick (the name is trademarked so bare with the generic description, people) and boy did we nail it. Seriously, you could sell this stuff from an ice cream truck. Same great taste, less running, begging for change and crying. Try it, it’s smooth!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Oh, this is really good.  I almost didn’t order this Smooth Orange White Tea when I placed my order with Steep This! because I thought … oh, wow an orange flavored tea … how boring.  But, I’m glad that I ignored my inner voice this time and went ahead and added this tea to my cart.  This is really tasty!

The earthy, crisp flavor of the white tea is a really delightful base for the bright, juicy flavor of orange.  And the vanilla offers just the right amount of creaminess to the cup, accentuating the natural creamy notes of the white tea, to create a flavor that is very creamsicle-ish.  Yes, this tastes like someone melted a creamsicle and poured it into my cup of tea, mixing it with a sweet and refreshing white tea.

The result is a flavor that is a little bit tea and a little bit sweet treat and a whole lot of yummy.  It tastes great hot or cold … but I prefer it hot.  I find that the orange and vanilla flavors are more distinguished when the tea is hot.  As it cools, it becomes more “melded” … with less distinctness in the individual notes.

This tea is good for several infusions too!  I found that the second infusion was even tastier than the first, and the third was a little softer tasting, but still very flavorful … and I expect I could have gotten even more infusions out of the leaves!

So far, I’ve tasted two teas from this new company … and I’ve liked both of them … I might just have to call upon them again soon to try more!

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