Enchanted Forest Blend from ESP Emporium

EnchantedForestTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green Tea & Yerba Mate

Where to Buy:  ESP Emporium

Tea Description:

This blend of mellow Sencha and spicy, green mate is a real surprise. Richly decorated, it captivates not only with its striking look, but also develops a completely new and aromatic taste. The tempting aroma of Black Forest Cherry cakes, refined with a little sweetness and attractively decorated, make this blend a much sought-after specialty. An exceptional creation which proves that tea always has something new to offer.

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Taster’s Review:

This Enchanted Forest Blend from ESP Emporium is a tasty blend, but, even though I’m not hating what I’m tasting … I’m a little disappointed.  The description suggests “Black Forest Cherry Cake” and I’m not getting that from the aroma or the taste.

What I do taste is a sweet, vegetative green tea, and the earthy notes of yerba mate.  It has a refreshing taste to it and I can definitely feel the invigorating effects of the yerba mate.  It has a fresh, crisp flavor, and I taste very subtle hints of floral tones.  It is a pleasantly sweet, vegetative cup with a light brothy texture.

But, if I’m supposed to be tasting cake-y flavors, well, I’m not.  No black forest, no cherry, no chocolate, no cake.  And there’s nothing in this blend that even suggests at these flavors except for a vague, indistinct tart note that could be very faint insinuation of sour cherry flavor.  But even that note is something that is so barely there that doesn’t even seem worth mentioning.

So, I was hoping for a chocolate-y, cherry Black Forest cake dessert-y type tea blend … but what I got was a blend of earthy yerba mate and refreshing Sencha.  Tasty, yes … but not something I’d recommend to others.

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