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African Chai Blend from Justea


africanchaiTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Justea

Tea Description:

Our African Chai is whole leaf Kenyan black tea with organic African spices and rose/safflower petals. “The fennel, clove, coriander and liquorice root makes this chai smooth and silky on the palate. This African chai is balanced – it has a tea hit first and then a sweet finish”

Learn more about this tea here.

Learn more about Justea’s fundraising effort to support Kenyan farmers here.

Taster’s Review:

Are you looking for a truly DIFFERENT chai blend?  This African Chai Blend from Justea might be just what you’re looking for!  This chai is quite different from many of the other chai blends that I’ve tasted … and different is good!

That’s not to say that I’ve not enjoyed the other chai blends I’ve tasted … you know how I love a good spiced blend.  But this blend focuses on other spices:  I taste the fennel and licorice root up front, and they give the cup a sweet, snappy kind of taste, and like the Tea Sommelier video for this tea states, it’s a very silky sort of wash over the palate.  The clove and coriander lend warmth and zest to the cup without turning this into something overly spiced.  The balance of the spices allows for enjoyment of each ingredient’s presence here, and I like that.

The Kenyan black tea is an excellent base for this tea because it is so rich and smooth, and it has its own sort of natural spice taste to it.  It seems like a smart choice to accentuate the natural spice tones of the tea by turning the tea into the base of this African Chai.

I also taste the rose in this.  I like the hint of sweetness from the floral notes here.  It adds just a little interest, just a little something to keep the palate excited to keep tasting.

This tastes less “spicy” and more warm and “spiced.”  It doesn’t have a “spicy-hot” sort of flavor, instead, it tastes comfortably warm, with a cozy sort of taste to it.  The kind of tea that you like to warm up with on a chilly autumn day.  As I continue to sip, my mouth feels warm, as though I’ve had something peppery, but not so hot that I feel the need to wash it down with something cooling.  It’s a very enjoyable warmth.

I tried this African Chai a few different ways.  First, I tried it straight up, and it was delicious.  Then I tried it with a little bit of raw turbinado sugar, and discovered my favorite way to drink this chai.  The sugar brings out the subtle nuances of the spices, and I got the most enjoyment out of this chai with just a little bit (about half a teaspoon for a cup of tea) of sugar (honey would do nicely too!)  Finally, I decided to try it latte, and this makes a really outstanding latte too.  Just a splash of warmed milk enhances the silky smooth quality of this tea.  I really enjoyed it as a latte, but, the milk does mute some of the spices just a tad, and since I really love the spices … I’d have to say that the best way – or at least, my favorite way – to enjoy this is with just a little bit of sugar or honey.  It’s so good!

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