Vanilla Bean Honeybush from California Tea House

VanillaBeanHoneybushTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Honeybush

Where to Buy:  California Tea House

Tisane Description:

Honeybush is made from the Cyclopia sessiliflora plant from the mountains of the South African Cape.  It is very similar to Rooibos in taste and health aspects, yet it is naturally a little more sweet.  We took the highest grade Honeybush and blended in vanilla bean pieces and marigold petals to create our naturally caffeine-free Vanilla Bean Honeybush.

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

I had my doubts, but this Vanilla Bean Honeybush from California Tea House is really tasty.  It is sweet and it is loaded with real vanilla flavor.  I love that the vanilla notes here don’t taste artificial.  This tastes like true vanilla.  It’s sweet and creamy deliciousness!

The vanilla is the strongest flavor that I’m tasting here.  And like I just said, it’s deliciously sweet and creamy.  But the honeybush can be tasted too, and it adds a hint of honey and a nutty tone to the background.

I love the simplicity of this blend – it’s just vanilla and honeybush (plus a little bit of marigold petals to add some pretty color to the blend.)  But it’s also a really smart pairing, because honeybush –  as well as it’s South African cousin, Rooibos – tend to produce a somewhat thin textured liquid, but with the creaminess of the vanilla … it doesn’t feel thin.  This feels pleasantly soft and smooth to the palate.

To get the most out of this tisane, I recommend steeping it at a just below boiling point (195°F) for 10 minutes.  I go with the slightly lower temperature because this helps to avoid the sour wood taste that sometimes accompanies rooibos and honeybush … while still achieving the maximum amount of flavor out of a honeybush (or rooibos) blend.

Vanilla fans … this is your answer for those late at night cravings!  This will satisfy those sweet tooth cravings without any caffeine!

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