Creamy Cacao Delight from Hale Tea Company

Creamy-Cacao-DelightTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green & White Teas

Where to Buy:  Hale Tea Company

Tea Description:

Creamy white cacao pretty much sums it up! Lingering white chocolate flavour and notes of vanilla bean meld naturally with subtle hints of the green and white tea at its base. This is a velvety soft tea that’s surprisingly light.

Learn more about this tea here.

Learn more about subscribing to Amoda’s Monthly Tea Tasting Box here.

Taster’s Review:

Amoda Tea has made some changes with their monthly Tea Tasting Box, and it sounds to me like these changes may be for the better!  First of all, the amount of tea will be less per tea – which is fine by me because I am more of a taster than one who likes to keep large amounts of tea on hand.  Second … the cost of the monthly box is less!  I can live with that!  Ha!  Finally, Amoda will no longer be selling the tea to the public … oh, they’ll still assemble the boxes, but if you want more of any particular tea after sampling it, you’ll be forwarded to the tea company that sells the tea to order directly from them.

So far, I’m really happy with these changes!

For the month of September, the featured tea company is Hale Tea Company.  The first tea that I chose to sample from this company is Creamy Cacao Delight, because … well, did you happen to see the word Cacao in the name?  Yeah, I like that word.  That word says to me that this tea will be a yummy, chocolate-y tea.  And that brings a big smile to this chocoholic’s face!

The aroma of the dry leaf is deliciously creamy with vanilla top notes and notes of chocolate.  My mouth started watering the moment I opened the pouch!  Once brewed, I notice less of the vanilla tones and more of the chocolate-y notes.

The flavor … oh my goodness!  This is yum.  As I’ve mentioned before (even in this article!) I’m a chocoholic.  But, white chocolate … doesn’t always do it for me.  I’d much rather have dark chocolate.  I generally find white chocolate to be too sweet, and I enjoy the contrast of bitter and sweet in a darker chocolate.  But … I’m liking the sweet creamy notes here just fine!

There is a lovely balance between vanilla and chocolate notes to provide a very rich, creamy, decadent taste.  The white tea and green tea provide a nice base for the chocolate flavors, because it doesn’t overwhelm the chocolate, but it’s also not allowing itself to be overpowered.  I taste both teas – the green tea is fresh and vegetative and the white tea has a crispness to it, as well as a hay-like note that tastes really quite nice with the white chocolate tones.

And as the description above suggests, the overall tone to this cup is light.  It isn’t a heavy feel on the palate, and this I like because even though it’s white chocolate … it’s a flavor that I often find “too much” because it is a very sweet form of chocolate-y taste.  The lightness allows the goodness of white chocolate to come through without all that heavy sweetness.

This is a light, sweet, delicious way to experience a balance between vanilla and chocolate.  YUMMY!  And … this one must be resteeped!  The chocolate-y flavors really intensify with the second steeping.

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