Harmutty STGFOP 1 CL, 2nd Flush 2013, Assam from Lochan Tea Limited

AssamTea Type:Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Lochan Tea Limited

Product Description:
Unable to locate on their site YET.  Might be a NEW addition soon or Limited Time.

Tasters Review:

Never underestimate a GOOD Quality Assam!  Yes…this is GOOD…but it’s more than that!  It’s DARN GOOD…it’s GREAT even!  This is a fabulous tasting Assam!  There…I said it!  Even tho I was unable to located the product description on their website I am told by the packaging that this is a VERY new tea.  The packaging says: Lochan Tea Limited – 27.08.2013 Harmutty STGFOP 1 CL 2nd Flush 2013 Assam.

From the research I have done over the years on the Harmutty Tea Estate – their teas are known for their rich taste.  After sipping on this tea for just a moment I would totally agree!  The flavor is rich but also malty with highlights of cocoa powder and/or a slight mellow coffee taste (if you over infuse it a bit).  It has an impressive Copper Brown color to it in the cup.  The after taste leaves a gentle pepper lingering in your mouth and throat.

This is a 2nd Flush you do NOT want to miss!  An Assam that is quite Awesome!  If you can get your hands on it – don’t pass it up!



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One thought on “Harmutty STGFOP 1 CL, 2nd Flush 2013, Assam from Lochan Tea Limited

  1. This is my favourite Assam. It’s peerless. I buy it by the kilo (for drinking ourselves, not for commercial purposes). And dammit, I’ve run out again.
    I am 100% sure it will be easier to get soon!

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