Bengal Peach Tea Blend from Tea Xotics

Bengal-PeachTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black & Green Teas

Where to Buy:  Amoda Tea

Tea Description:

The peachy aroma of this tea will make our mouthes water. Orchard fruit meets the Hawaiian tropics. There’s a subtle ginger spice that works really well with the succulent fruits and the unique tea base – Assam and sencha!

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Taster’s Review:

I love the dry leaf of this Bengal Peach Tea Blend from Tea Xotics.  Big slivers of dried fruit, pieces of ginger, black and green tea leaves, petals and blossoms all tossed together in a deliciously fragrant blend.

The brewed tea smells of warm peaches with hints of ginger, evoking thoughts of a warm, gently spiced peach dessert.  Mmm!  The flavor tastes of peach and mango.  The ginger flavor is delicate, adding just a touch of warmth rather than a heavy amount of spice.  This doesn’t taste overly peppered with ginger … there’s just enough ginger to keep the flavors interesting so that it doesn’t taste too fruity.

The combination of black and green teas adds an appealing background of flavor as well.  When brewed at a lower temperature, I find that I can taste both the black and green teas.  I brewed this tea at 180°F in my Breville One-Touch – the package parameters suggest a temperature of 185°F but whenever I brew a blend like this in my Breville, I make it a practice to lower the suggested temperature by 5 degrees since the tea maker keeps the water warmer than a teapot would.  I steeped the tea for 3 minutes, and I’m very happy with the results.

The black tea tastes lighter than a typical cup of Assam would.  I taste a wine-like quality to the tea, and this complements the fruit notes quite nicely.  As the tea cools slightly (hot, but not piping hot), I notice some of the malty tones of the black tea emerge.  The green tea doesn’t add a lot of notable flavor to the cup, but it lightens the overall flavor and texture.  I notice hints of vegetation in the distance, as well as a slight buttery note that works well with the sweet, caramel-y malt notes.

A very tasty blend.  It’s delicious hot and also quite nice iced!

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