Irish Cream Flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Irish-Cream-MatchaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Matcha)

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

Irish Cream with its intoxicating mix of ingredients gets more exciting when combined with the oriental touch of Matcha. Irish cream Matcha is a perfect treat for adults who are looking for a sophisticated snack made up of adventurous ingredients. This unforgettable treat is perfect for after hours, over the weekend or for those special occasions when adults have gathered to bond and have fun. It’s interesting color and arresting taste makes Irish cream Matcha a firm favorite for many adults who want to expand their repertoire of personal entertainment.

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Taster’s Review:

Yummy!  I prepared a latte for this tasting of Irish Cream Flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea, and it is absolutely divine!  Sweet, creamy, and I can taste the hint of coffee as well as a whiskey note.

For this batch of flavored Matcha from Red Leaf Tea, I went with my usual specifications:  the classic grade of Matcha and the distinctive level of flavoring, and again, the distinctive level is just perfect for my taste.  (That happens more often than not!)  There is a good balance between flavoring and the buttery, vegetative notes of Matcha.

And one thing that I notice here, and perhaps it is because the flavoring is representative of an alcoholic beverage, that I don’t notice that sort of “artificial” flavoring that I sometimes get from the flavoring that Red Leaf Tea uses.  This just tastes like … Irish Cream liqueur and Matcha.  But rather than feeling lightheaded after drinking an actual mixed cocktail with these two ingredients, I feel focused thanks to the invigorating powers of Matcha!  (Although, now that I think about it, that could make for a very intriguing cocktail, indeed!  I’m envisioning it served warm … something that will warm me up in the winter!)

To make my latte, I used 2% milk and heated it.  As the milk was heating, I measured out several scoops of Irish Cream flavored Matcha into my sifter and sifted the matcha into my chawan.  (Note:  Red Leaf Tea does pre-sift their Matcha for all their customers, but, I still sift the Matcha more out of habit than anything else.  I like to keep up the habit even when I’m about to enjoy a Matcha that I know has already been sifted, because I don’t want to fall out of the habit, you know?)

Once the milk was heated, I carefully poured it into my chawan and stirred it with a fork until everything was well-incorporated and I was sure that no clumps were stuck to the bottom of my chawan.  I don’t typically use my chasen to whisk Matcha lattes because I don’t want the milk to possibly produce bacteria on my bamboo whisk.  After I was sure the Matcha was all mixed into the milk, I took my hand-held frothing tool and whipped the Matcha to get a light froth on top.  This didn’t froth up quite as much as I would have liked … I’m not sure if that’s because I used all milk rather than a milk and water combination.

Regardless, the latte was absolutely delicious … and it disappeared from my chawan almost instantly it tasted so good!  I really, really like this flavor.  If you’ve been hesitant to try Red Leaf Tea’s flavored Matcha … this one would be a great place to start.  It’s really good!


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