Iron Goddess Medium Grade Oolong Tea from Tea Setter

medium1Tea Type:
Oolong Tea

Where To Buy:
Tea Setter

Product Description:

This is a classic Oolong tea from China with a beautiful, relaxing flavor. The medium grade does not mean lesser, just different tasting. The tea has a fantastic buttery smooth flavor with soft floral hints that many say remind them of lilac. Drinking Iron Goddess is the ultimate “Take a Moment for yourself tea.” It truly takes you somewhere else. This tea is grown in Anxi County of Fuijan Province, China. Harvested Spring 2013.

Tasters Review:

Iron Goddess Medium Grade Oolong Tea from Tea Setter is a pure delight!  I’ll get right to it, folks!  It’s been a while since I have enjoyed a Medium Grade Iron Goddess this much!  It’s Semi-Floral and Semi-Juicy with a touch of juiciness and a hint of sweet.  It has a fair amount of thickness to it for an Iron Goddess, too!

It stands up to multiple infusions.  It’s amazing as-is and straight-up but very nice both hot and cold as well as with additions such as agave nectar.  Delightful!


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