Blue and Grey Tea from Tea For All Reasons


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tea for All Reasons

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Tea Description:

A creamy Earl Grey highlighted with smooth, fruity blueberry notes, making this a must-have for all you Earl Grey lovers! 

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Taster’s Review:

Before reading the description of this tea, I thought that it might be just another Earl Grey Cream, but, NO!  This Blue and Grey Tea from Tea For All Reasons is a Blueberry Earl Grey Cream tea!  And it is so dee-lish!

This is really, really good.  As those of you who have read my reviews for any length of time are probably already aware, I’ve tried many different Earl Grey teas, including many different twists on the traditional, straightforward bergamot flavored black tea.  But I can’t recall having tried a Blueberry flavored Earl Grey Cream tea – and after tasting this – I have to wonder … WHY NOT?

This is really a brilliant spin on the classic Earl Grey tea.  There is a really tasty balance of flavors here.  I taste the bergamot:  it tastes tangy and sharp and it lies just beneath a sweet, creamy note of vanilla creme, which softens the sharpness just a little bit – not too much! – just enough to add a silky, sweet taste to the cup that melds beautifully with the flavor of tart, juicy blueberry.  These three flavors coalesce to form a serendipitous cup of deliciousness.

And let’s not forget about the black tea base … because, really, that’s what it’s all about, right?  It’s all about the tea!  And while the black tea base here is on the mild side, I like that I taste it and it isn’t hidden behind these other flavors.  No, it’s not a strong, powerful flavor of black tea … but, I don’t want it to be in this blend, because then it would overpower the delicate balance that has been achieved between the bergamot, vanilla and blueberry.

Those who are looking for an strong bergamot flavor won’t find it here.  And granted, I do love me some bergamot!  But, I really love the way these three flavors present themselves in this tea … I don’t think I’d want to adjust the volume on the bergamot.  Don’t add milk to this one – it will overpower it all, and really, with the creamy notes of vanilla … you don’t need dairy!  A half a pinch of sugar will help plump up the blueberry flavor, if you want more definition there … otherwise, I’d say that this tea is quite delightful just the way it is!

This is an Earl Grey for those who are looking for something just a wee bit different!

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