Lemon Black Tea from TeaGschwendner


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  TeaGschwendner

Tea Description:

Pure Sicilian lemon oil powers this classic black tea. 

Ingredients: Black tea from South India, lemon peel and natural lemon oil

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Taster’s Review:

Lemon flavored teas are not typically my “go to” flavored tea, mostly because they seem … so ordinary.  You know?  I mean, lemon is the traditional garnish for a cup of tea.  You go to a restaurant, and they’re likely to put a lemon slice on your glass of iced tea, or serve you a small bowl of lemon wedges with your hot tea.  So, when a friend sent me a sampling of this Lemon Black Tea from TeaGschwendner, I accepted it happily and with appreciation, but, I wasn’t all that excited to try a lemon flavored black tea.

But this lemon tea is quite refreshing!  The lemon flavoring here is more sweet than it is tart, reminding me more of a lemon curd than of the freshly squeezed juice from a lemon.  It has a bright, zesty flavor that I’d get from that freshly squeezed lemon, but, it doesn’t have the pucker-y tartness of it.  I like that.

The black tea is a smooth, even-tempered sort of tea, which leads me to suspect that this is probably a Ceylon base.  It has a good flavor and it is a pleasant, medium-bodied black tea.  Sort of mellow, and perhaps it is this mild attitude that I get from the tea that makes the lemon seem less intense.

It’s a very tasty lemon tea – this is one I’d recommend for iced tea brewing because it has that really smooth, well-rounded flavor that would work well for an iced tea.  It’s also quite nice served hot.

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  1. Lemon flavored teas are also my go to if I need a little extra in my tea. Our delicious lemon and ginger Ceylon tea and a zesty lemon rooibos are always very popular with our customers, you should give them a go 🙂

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